Lecture Powerpoints

Ethical Leadership and Professional Ethics (Oct. 2023)

Philosophy of Religion (OLLI): Spring 2024

Philosophical Explorations of Hope (OLLI): Spring 2023

Tyranny and Democracy (OLLI): Spring 2022

Religion and Philosophy (OLLI): Fall 2021

Nonviolence: A Quick Immersion Fall 2021

Compassion (OLLI): Spring 2021

Future of Democracy March 2021

Ethical Leadership and Professional Life 2021

Critical Thinking Contentious Times (Jan. 2021)

Fiala Pandemic Philosophy Fall 2020

Human Rights Day Dec 7 2019

Pacifism and Nonviolence (Cupertino, CA Nov 2019)

Peacemakers at Fresno State Nov 2019

Fiala American Philosophy Fall 2019

Ethical Leadership and Professional Life October 2019

Civic Education Aug 2019

Fiala Bioethics Lectures Spring 2019

Moral Conflict and Civil Discourse for Bonner April Conference

Pacifism as Normative Theory